Untitled (7th September 2020)

If you want one of our world-beating tests
Then mate, you’d better have access to a car
While Hancock’s still spouting they’re the best
I’ll tell ya, you’re gonna have to travel far

My mate in north London got Leicester
A fella in Manchester got Dundee
At least my mate went to his (200-mile round trip)
Manchester’s waiting for a better slot to be released

You could, of course, go postal
Wait for the swab kit to hit your mat
There’s limited numbers of those, mind you
So, y’know, good luck with that

The expert said that he’s alarmed
3000 cases and the graph’s contour
The health secretary remained calm
Says work and school is COVID secure (yeah, right)

A busy pub with a Perspex screen
The floor stickers wearing thin (and pretty much ignored)
You can’t mask up when you eat and drink
What’s gonna happen d’you think?

Ayanda Capital

Welcome to the Ayanda family
Focussed on investment strategy
We specialise in trading currency
You see

Welcome to the Ayanda family
We specialise in offshore property
And private equity
But we’ve never bought any PPE

How can that be?

Welcome to Ayanda Capital
We’ve no PPE experience at all
But there’s 250 million quid on the table
Some haul

Welcome to Ayanda Capital
Kings of remaining profitable
There’s public money there for us to trawl
And a government advisor that we can give a call

The stakes ain’t small

Here’s Andrew Mills, he’s a member of our board
What he knows about facemasks ain’t been explored
But if there’s money to be made then rest assured
He’s on board

Here’s Andrew Mills our deal deviser
ProsperMills’ influence exerciser
And business advisor
To Liz Truss, Secretary of State, for International Trade

That’s how the deal was made

Now if you think that this ain’t corrupt
Then protest singers might as well give up
And turns out the masks ain’t even good enough
And that’s fucked up

The victims of COVID still regularly cop it
While folks like Ayanda are making a profit
Matt Hancock ain’t gonna do anything to stop it
So if you want to protect the NHS as well

Don’t lose your sense of smell

Chris Parsons RIP


It can be difficult to remember when someone like Chris came into your life, when it was always going to feel like you’d known him forever, but actually I do. I’d made a rash promise on the old Leyton Orient message board to post a copy of the newly recorded Brisbane Road free to anyone that wanted one, but in the end I needn’t have worried, only one person got in touch: Chris, posting as ukjazzer and signing off that and many subsequent messages “Best from Sheff”.

He was a lifelong Orient fan, avid music collector and a supporter of The Protest Family from the very early days, appointing himself, at times, both our unofficial manager and official dancer. Who could forget his performance on the dance floor at the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival in 2012?

But there was so much more to Chris than his love of music and an east London football club. Despite his sometimes gruff analysis, Chris always put the needs of others first, showing extraordinary generosity when a friend needed a helping hand. He engaged with We Shall Overcome early on as it combined his socialism with his love of live music, both promoting his own shows and supporting many other gigs around the country. Chris was never scared to get involved, whether that was in political groups or organising events (inevitably fundraisers), he would always be ready to lend his time and energy to something that he felt was important.

Chris’ glass was never half empty or half full, it was brim-full or completely empty, whether you were discussing the O’s form or the chances of a Labour government, but what was unshakable was his belief that a better, fairer world was possible if only we all could just see it.

Our thoughts are with Sandra, at this particularly difficult time.

Goodnight comrade, you’ll be missed.






Love Orient Hate Racism

“As you know, football is very important to me and I am sure it is to you, but the way that we conduct ourselves is even more important and racism is something that is abhorrent and will never be tolerated. I despise racism, and I want all our fans to know that Leyton Orient will not tolerate it in any shape or form. Every individual, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, creed, or sexual orientation is entitled to respect and dignity for whom they are as a person. Leyton Orient is proud of its genuine mix of backgrounds all working toward a common cause.”

–  Nigel Travis, Chairman of Leyton Orient Football Club, 5th September 2019. 1


Some of this band’s proudest moments have been organising and performing at Love Orient Hate Racism shows, and the next is long overdue but in the pipeline. In the meantime we are pleased to launch our updated LOHR t-shirt, which you can find here: LOHR t-shirts.


  1. https://www.leytonorient.com/2019/09/05/a-note-from-os-chairman-nigel-travis/

Justice For Grenfell


Yes, we do know a song about that but for reasons that we won’t share here[1] we can’t link you to it.

What we will say is that two years on from the fire at Grenfell Tower, hundreds of buildings in this country are still clad in dangerous, flammable material. In the case of some privately owned blocks, the landlords and the government know about the cladding but have still failed to warn their residents.[2]

Two years on, the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, situated conveniently close to the chambers of the participating barristers at Holborn Bars but distinctly inconvenient for members of the Grenfell Community to attend, has forensically examined the response of the London Fire Brigade on the night of the fire but has so far failed to ask a single question of those responsible for fixing flammable cladding to the outside of the building, let alone those that created the political climate that allowed it to happen.

Two years on, we are told, we are still at least two years away from any criminal prosecution, and of that there is yet no guarantee.[3]

The silent walk convenes this evening at 7 p.m., the demonstration assembles at Downing Street tomorrow at noon. Join us; show your respect, demonstrate your anger, convince those in power that we will not go away. Demand justice for Grenfell.

Steve White & The Protest Family

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