What we said:

Looking for an antidote to Trump, Johnson, Farage and Yaxley-Lennon? You need a night out with Steve White & The Protest Family.

We’re punk minstrels who bring the traditions of the folk club, picket line, basement punk show, football terrace and boozy pub bray-along to the stage, inviting comparisons with The Clash, The Men They Couldn’t Hang, Ian Dury and Billy Bragg.

We’re not here to lecture or hector, but we are going to sing, chant, clap, bang, pick and strum our way to a better, fairer future and we’d love you to come with us, it’ll be fun.

What they said:

“Never less than thought-provoking, whilst also being highly entertaining, the band who to my mind can be seen as a musical equivalent of Coldwar Steve, indeed the group that can be relied upon to contribute to the soundtrack of the fight against inequality and a better, fairer world, not least because they have something eminently worthwhile to say, deserve a listen” – Fatea

“Acoustic folk-punk, detailed narrative, acapella observation and ripping guitar cuts – with ‘Protest For Dummies’ Steve White & The Protest Family prove once again that protest is alive and kicking, ready to lash out and still full of fire – but in their case mostly kicking” – FolkWords

“You remind me of The Clash” – Basil Gabbidon (Steel Pulse)

“I love this band. Especially live. Punk minstrels who chronicle our times with humour, passion and immense talent. So chuffed that they were one of the first bands on the new Morning Star CD. Thank you. Total respect comrades” – Bob Oram, Morning Star

“Everybody please visit: Steve White & The Protest Family” – Tom Robinson

“This is class war at its most eloquent” – Paul Jones, Final Hours

“This is punk folk protest music at its best. Full of rebel spirit and excellent musicianship. Great stuff” – Acoustic Review

“Constructive political music” – Joe Solo

“Rough, raw, ragged, rebellious and quite wonderful” – Four Dogs Music

“You’re all good, but I think Russ is a bit special” – Chris Parsons

“The debased street music of the vulgar” – Cecil Sharp*


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*OK, he might not have said that directly about us but he did say it.