Hello. It’s me, Doug.

Is it just me or is this blog a bit rubbish? I write a much better and far more popular one, and what’s more, it’s all about me. I think what this band needs is a nice spreadsheet or something.

Here’s a picture of me with my real mates from Thee Faction:

doug thee f

Solidarity brothers and sisters! (I always say that).

The Bass Player

Hello. It’s me, Lol.

Hello. It’s me, Funky Lol.

You may know me from such bands as the 4Fathers*,Imenim or Walthamstow Folk Club, but I can also sometimes be found engaged in a competition to see who can play the most instruments during a Protest Family set. Sometimes I even win. If there was ever a member of the band to get banned from Facebook it would be me. I’m also the one that does all that jumping around on stage, not because I’m really into the music but more just to keep myself awake.

Here’s a picture of me sleeping on the job.



* I stole that band name from Doug.

Hello. It’s me, Russ.

Yes I may be the new bloke but, like Motorhead’s Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee, I am a member of the longest serving line-up of the band. At least I think so. And I’m soon to be the only member of the band under 50 years of age, believe it or not.

But enough about them. You see, I’m a well-renowned artist in my own right. I’ve got a critically acclaimed album out which you can get on Amazon and iTunes (Simon Berridge from Scratchy Records said that it would make Billy Bragg blush) and I’ve won prizes for my banjo playing. I’ve even got my own web site, which is more than you can say for the Protest Family.

Anyway, here’s a picture of me looking smug with a banjo:


Toodle pip!