Trickle Down Town Tasting Notes

Bin Bags
A fruity ska-punk suggesting the bad old days of looney lefties with a touch of Uncle Bill. 4.2%

The River
Darker than the offering from The Tutu Brewery. This one is all about the Bass. 4.4%

Trickle Down Town
By Austerity’s New Clothes. Wicked gamey with underlying Cooper Clarke. 4.8%

When the Sun Goes Down
Country-flavoured, brewed with tears and despair. Best just have a half. 6.0%

Dead End Friends
Bittersweet. Heavily influenced by celebrity. 5.0%

The Gable
A diverse brew that some drinkers say reminds them of Slade, but that was several landlords ago. Best served in a plastic glass at half-time. 4.2%

Should I Be Wearing a Mask?
Light but assertive. Most drinkers miss the hint of iron. 3.6%

Air Miles Andy
Bitter, like the late Queen’s favourite paedophile. Drink it fast. 4.4%

Harry, Won’t You Fly With Me?
Romantically named but tastes of gold, guilt and greed. You won’t want another. 3.0%

Magpie-flavoured with hints of Silver Machine. Moderately heavy. 5.2%

Where Tina Goes
Fizzy pop with more than a hint of bite. 4.2%

Holding Your Breath
The sister brew to When the Sun Goes Down. Tastes like Covid medicine. 5.0%

Put Up Shut Up Britain
Tart, bold and intense, with no notes of tomato or cucumber whatsoever. 5.0%

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