102 Supporters (Yeah, Right)

Like Brent turning up at the office
With a guitar they don’t want to hear
All together now, let’s restart the disco
Has fallen on deaf Tory ears
He came back from holiday to die for their sins
But the MP’s would rather he stayed in the bin
Let’s restart the disco, all together now
Cincinnatus, best you fuck off back to your plough

Liz Truss and the Race For PM

From Yorkshire tea farms to British cheese
And broken treaties to spats with the Chinese
And mixing up the Black and the Baltic seas
She has the support of 86 MPs

From a Mrs T haircut and a picture in a tank
To ducking debates where she might draw a blank
She wants to squeeze families and bang the dumb
She’s the Anyone But Rishi for your conservative chum

From the bloke off Have I Got News For You
To the woman off I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue
The shortcoming of ‘em running is as shocking as it’s stunning
Brace yourselves Britain, the cheese woman is coming