There are tanks at the gates of the city
And in the fear that their presence breeds
Stands a woman confronting the soldiers
Handing out sunflower seeds

This is my city, she tells them
And in this city, we all may die
So, know when you fall for your master’s glory
A sunflower will grow where you lie

There are tanks at the gates of the city
And in the still that all soldiers know
Lies the ground upon which many will fall
And one day sunflowers will grow

War Footing

Spaffer’s on a war footing
Above criticism
Posing for pictures in a fighter plane

Spaffer’s on a war footing
Forget Partygate
It’s war for political advantage

Spaffer’s on a war footing
Appearing Churchillian
When he closes his eyes
To better fantasise

Spaffer’s on a war footing
God help us
It wouldn’t be the first time the bodies piled high

Liz Truss Prepares for War

Listen to me, in my new serious voice,
We’re going to war; we don’t have a choice,
So, here’s a picture of me, with my new serious hair
In a serious tank, while our brave troops prepare.
Pay attention to me and my new serious face,
I’m ready to put Vladimir back in his place
But don’t ask me questions, I’m here to be imperious
And impress upon you that things are very serious,
With my serious voice and my serious hair
Because going to war is a serious affair.
And while I offer the Prime Minister my full support
I’ll be seriously ready when it’s time to cut him short.