A Government Strategy Meeting

We need a better strategy Dom, said Boris
The messaging’s not going well
They’ve worked we didn’t do anything in February
We need the public under our spell

We need another Taking Back Control
We need another Get Brexit Done
What about that Levido fellow, Dom?
He’s good when spin needs to be spun

I might’ve messed it up Dom, said Boris
With that business about seeing my mother
Although Kinnock junior kinda got us out of trouble
It’s one blunder after another

Get the Vote Leave chaps in Dom, said Boris
Get us that Stephenson cove
With me and the Health Sec feverish and coughing
All we’ve got left is Gove

We need a better slogan Dom, said Boris
To cover up the mess we’ve made
Stay Home, Save Lives, Protect Our NHS?
See, that’s why you’re my favourite aide

The death toll’s rising Dom, said Boris
But your slogan’s a bit of a hit
Just keep the spin and the lies coming, Dom
And we might just get away with it.