Top 10’s in 2021

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

We thought that Dear Mr. Johnson might make a late run at it, or even The Day They Cancelled Christmas, but the winner is the ode to the playthings of the super-rich, inspired, at least in part, by Jeff Bezos’ thanks to the shoppers and workers at Amazon for paying for his nearly-into-space jaunt. The surprise entry at number 2 is, we think, down to people searching for positive stories about anti-vaxxer Cassie; an algorithm win for us then. Good to see people still remembering our mate Chris too.

  1. Pricks in Space
  2. Cassie Sunshine (Is Wearing a G-string on Her Face)
  3. Daily Mail: Let Our Teachers Be Heroes
  4. My Postie’s Being Bullied by Iain Duncan Smith
  5. Jason & Joanna: Vaccine Wars
  6. Cough Away
  7. Chris Parsons RIP
  8. One Zero Zero, Zero Zero Zero
  9. Knock, Knock!
  10. Right Bullets, Wrong Gun

Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2021

It seems that Orient fans are still obsessed with the owner who nearly killed the club, or maybe they’re just fans of lists of managers and Christmas harmonies. Nice to see that Brisbane Road continues to have a loyal following (as does Sean Thornton) and good showings from the three Lockdown Singles Club releases.

  1. The 12 Days of Becchetti
  2. The Side of the Fox
  3. Air Miles Andy
  4. Brisbane Road
  5. A Statue of Boris Johnson
  6. 46 Fascists
  7. Cassie Sunshine (Is Wearing a G-string on Her Face)
  8. Let the Bodies Pile High
  9. Rivers of Shit
  10. Sean Thornton

Top 10 Bandcamp Plays of 2021

Songs from The debased street music of the vulgar proved popular along with live favourite God Save the Queen’s Speech. Interesting to see both versions of Where Tina Goes in the list; we always said it would be a hit.

  1. Donald’s in Town
  2. God Save the Queen’s Speech
  3. Han Solo
  4. Have a Word
  5. The Side of the Fox
  6. Where Tina Goes (Debased Street Music)
  7. Tag Team Time
  8. Home Rule for Awesomestow
  9. From the Euro to the Pound
  10. Where Tina Goes (Snowflake)

But tell us, what were your favourites?