Pandemic Posts, Songs and Poems: The Full List

  1. Quarantine the Queen
  2. Cull the Herd
  3. A Period of Great Concern
  4. Bog Roll Billionaire
  5. Nudge
  6. The Lockdown
  7. Mother’s Day in the Johnson House
  8. Lockdown Limbo
  9. The List
  10. The Day the Penny Dropped
  11. Charlie’s Got the Virus
  12. Shut Down the Sites
  13. Mild Symptoms
  14. Tories Get Tests
  15. Dominic Ran Away
  16. A Government Strategy Meeting
  17. The Lockdown, Week Two
  18. Fly ‘Em Home
  19. Goats!
  20. Tell ‘Em We’ll Test ‘Em Tomorrow
  21. Nurses! Never Forget
  22. 59 Billionaires
  23. Bog Roll v. Guns
  24. Just Another Day in Quarantine
  25. He’s Going in for Tests
  26. The Lockdown, Week Three
  27. Pirate President Trump
  28. The Government Pecking Order
  29. Who Cares What Nigel Farage Says?
  30. Priti Patel
  31. Robert Jenrick
  32. He is Risen
  33. Jacob’s Making Money
  34. Priti Sorry
  35. What Did You Do in the Lockdown, Dad?
  36. Untitled (14th April 2020)
  37. Put Him on the Spot
  38. Matt Hancock’s Badge
  39. Today’s Press Conference: It’s Working
  40. Matt Hancock’s Magic Wand
  41. Captain Tom (Better Keep Walking)
  42. Quietly Terrified
  43. Boris Bunks Off
  44. News From Necker Island
  45. Dead Heroes Are No Use to Anyone
  46. Liverpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid
  47. Should I Be Wearing a Mask?
  48. The Bunnies, the Beagles, and You
  49. B&Q
  50. St. George’s Day 2020
  51. Sunshine and Disinfectant
  52. Jason and the Virus
  53. Corona Universe
  54. The Prime Minister Prepares to Return to Work
  55. Holding Your Breath
  56. Sixty Thousand Pounds
  57. Daily Press Briefing, 28th April 2020 (Matt Hancock)
  58. Baby Boris is Born
  59. Spaffer Fixes Bayonets
  60. Rachel on the Radio
  61. What’s Gonna Happen When the Clapping Stops?
  62. Are You Ready?
  63. The Sickest Man in Europe
  64. Professor Lockdown
  65. Matt Hancock’s NHS
  66. VE Day
  67. This is England
  68. Shut Up
  69. A New Slogan
  70. Too Little, and Just Not Enough
  71. Heigh-Ho
  72. Britain First Want Their Virus Back
  73. Daily Mail: Let Our Teachers Be Heroes
  74. Work Is Safe (Tell ‘Em)
  75. Where Is Mr. Johnson?
  76. Has Anybody Checked the Fridge?
  77. When Tories Clap
  78. Five Tests
  79. World Beating
  80. Swimming With Sharks
  81. Herd Immunity Cummings (Gets Caught Breaking the Rules)
  82. Dominic Ran Away (Again)
  83. 22 Days (Of Dither and Delay)
  84. A Daily Mail Poll
  85. Hey, Dido!
  86. Barbeque Season
  87. On Not Following the Science
  88. Professor Jonathan Van-Tam
  89. Derek
  90. Untitled (3rd June 2020)
  91. More on Masks
  92. Here’s the New Normal
  93. No More ‘Til September
  94. Another Day, Another Press Conference
  95. Iain Duncan Smith/Trail of Bodies
  96. A Statue of Boris Johnson
  97. The Rights of Dogs
  98. What Dowden Didn’t Say Yesterday
  99. Farmer Dom
  100. Trust
  101. Derek and the Germans
  102. Jason Gets the Call
  103. Johnson Has Washed His Hands
  104. Patient 91
  105. The Lockdown, Part Four
  106. Super Spreader Saturday
  107. Spaghetti Bolognese (A Very English Tea)
  108. Coronavirus 1-0 Bolsonaro
  109. My COVID Discount
  110. Should I Be Wearing a Mask? (You Had to Ask)
  111. A Masked Man Walks Into a Bar
  112. Should I Be Wearing a Mask? (July)
  113. Derek Won’t Wear a Mask
  114. Cassie Sunshine (Is Wearing a G-String on Her Face)
  115. Chingford to Oxford Circus via Walthamstow Central
  116. Don’t Cough Over Your Cat
  117. (Living Life on the Lookout For) A Second Wave
  118. Local Lockdowns, Part One
  119. Ayanda Capital
  120. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
  121. A Man With a Fascist Flag
  122. Should I Be Wearing a Mask? Part Six
  123. Untitled (7th September 2020)
  124. Has Hancock Lost Control?
  125. Ferrari’s Furlough Fraudsters
  126. The Under 21’s
  127. Operation Moonshot
  128. Tofu Bats and Tofu Pangolins
  129. The Rule of Six
  130. Ian, Noel and ‘Van
  131. Leyton Orient 0-19 COVID
  132. Facemasks at Half Mast
  133. Rishi Sunak (We Know a Song About You)
  134. Hands, Face, Pasty
  135. Will it End in Tiers?
  136. The Children of the First XV
  137. (Whatever Happened To) Jason and Joanna?
  138. This Ship is Lost at Sea
  139. Tear Down the Fence
  140. From World-Beating to Scraping the Play-Offs
  141. Cummings, Cain and Princess Nut-Nut
  142. Christmas Bubble Trouble
  143. On Substantiality and Scotch Eggs
  144. Williamson v. Ferrari: Brexit Gambit Declined
  145. Christmas With the Vulnerables
  146. An Eyeful of Nose
  147. Behave as if You Have the Virus
  148. The Golden-Haired Boy
  149. ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly Careful
  150. Right Bullets, Wrong Gun
  151. My Postie’s Being Bullied by Iain Duncan Smith
  152. According to Paul
  153. Jacob’s Fish are Happy Fish
  154. Cough Away
  155. Maxine and Henry
  156. A Million Pounds a Day
  157. One Zero Zero, Zero Zero Zero
  158. The Tory Party Donor Money-Go-Round
  159. Free Stuff Jesus
  160. Keith Likes It
  161. 3-0 Up
  162. Clap a Tory, Pay a Nurse
  163. A Trip to Mars
  164. Jason and Joanna: Vaccine Wars
  165. A Minute’s Silence
  166. Capitalism and Greed
  167. Respect
  168. Spaffed
  169. Colin the COVID Cat
  170. Let the Bodies Pile High
  171. For Hug’s Sake
  172. The State of the Opening of Parliament
  173. Kick It ‘Til It Breaks
  174. Hancock, the Care Home Killer
  175. Killing People’s Okay, But Kissing Them Isn’t
  176. Today, I’m Singing
  177. Nikki Minaj’s Cousin’s Friend’s Testicles
  178. Oh, Micron!
  179. Barbara’s on the Radio
  180. Plan B
  181. Dead Cats, Reverse Ferrets
  182. The Day They Cancelled Christmas
  183. Dear Mr. Johnson
  184. Sue Gray
  185. Operation Save Big Dog
  186. Spaffer Bodycount
  187. Whose Rules?
  188. Investigation Into Alleged Gatherings On Government Premises During Covid Restrictions – Update
  189. When Is It Over?
  190. Stealth Omicron
  191. The King of Lockdown

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