Should I Be Wearing a Mask? (You Had to Ask)

Should I be wearing a mask? Yes
Is the best guess
In the absence of rigorous scientific tests
The WHO and government both think it best

Should I wear it to cover my nose?
I suppose
That’s how it goes
You don’t want your nose
To be exposed
If that’s the way the virus blows

Should I wear it to cover my mouth as well?
If you don’t want to lose your sense of smell
Or otherwise become unwell
The best intel would compel
Covering your mouth for a spell
That’s the main route into your body, in a nutshell

But let’s be clear on one thing
Though it may be more comforting
And easier to breathe in
It won’t really do a thing
Except cover some neck skin
Once you begin
To tug on the string
And wear your mask under your chin

(The reason for this chin-wearing I suspect
Is not a lack of knowledge or respect
But outdoors there is less chance to infect
And so worn the wearer does not forget
To pull it up when needing to be properly bedecked
To go indoors where the mask will have significant effect
In preventing breath-borne droplets travelling unchecked
When other people’s health is there for you to help protect)


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