Willy’s at the Foodbank

Willy’s at the foodbank
Polishing the brand
Stepping from the Range Rover
With nothing in his hand
Kate is in a pink coat
Willy’s jumper’s green
They’ve brought a photographer
They’re here to be seen

Willy’s at the foodbank
Chatting to the staff
Kate is sorting out the tins
They’re both having a laugh
Like this is all so normal
This whip round for the poor
With his green-jumpered patronage
And the pink coat that she wore

Willy’s at the foodbank
And no one’s going to say
That they never used to need
A foodbank round this way
Kate is in a pink coat
Willy’s jumper’s green
While the folk who use the foodbank
Are neither heard nor seen

‘Cause some of them are nurses
And that would never do
The Prince bestowing loaves of bread
When claps would surely do
They’ve brought a photographer
To keep the image clean
Kate is in a pink coat
And Willy’s jumper’s green

One thought on “Willy’s at the Foodbank

  1. Steve,


    I think one of our problems is not explaining how we ended up in such a mess.

    It sounds as if we just drifted into this, except that this should have been seen years ago.

    And, hopefully, the poems fill in some of the gaps between what happened and what didn’t happen.

    My website is https://radicalsoapbox.com and though the site needs work to be done. It does try to explain, how we ended up in this mess!!

    Certainly, if you wish to use some of my poems; please do so!! If you are interested let me know and we can arrange to meet up



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