Father Michael

Father Michael only liked liturgical music
But he never shot a folk singer in the head
Even when atheist lyric and rhyme
Where enough to make a man of god see red.
Meanwhile north of Kabul,
The Taliban
Shot an Afghan man
For singing songs they consider haram.

Father Michael only liked liturgical music
And insisted it was on the curriculum
But at least he wanted girls as well as boys
To understand the music of Christendom.
Meanwhile in the USA,
The Texas pro-lifers, they say
Are hitting women’s rights harder than
That other mob in Afghanistan.

Father Michael only like liturgical music
But he thought shooting folk singers was a sin.
He never pronounced on the war on terror
I suspect it was never expected of him,
But on the issue of abortion
He’d have exercised some caution
And while decrying the Afghan Taliban coup
Would wonder when the Texans would start shooting folk singers too.